We offer two online courses, one for men and one for women:

The Conscious Men On Line Course

This life changing program includes:

  • The Conscious Men Wisdom Circles with anytime access to hundreds of videos from Masters of conscious leadership, including Ivan Misner, Jack Canfield, Lee Holden, Kute Blackson, and Ken Druck, to name just a few
  • The 12 Qualities of the New Masculinity mapped out according to biological studies and explained in detail
  • Convenient access to more than 50 short practices with tools you can use daily to increase the qualities you want to increase
  • Entry into a global community of men, so you can learn what other men are thinking and doing

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The Conscious Women’s Guide to Conscious Men

This course gives you real information you can use to solve the mysteries about:

  • Focusing on your pleasure during sex is a good thing
  • Why a “man cave” is necessary for your man,
  • How a man expresses his love for you in HIS way, and how to interpret that
  • What is the fastest way for you to get over a fight

Every day, for 21 days, you’re going to receive some of these insights on video, some as letters you can read and some as audio recordings which you can take with you on the go.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, we trust that you’ll find these gifts useful and will allow you to either to attract a perfect partner for you or to go deeper and find greater happiness with the man you are already with.

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