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Bringing Forth Your True Sense of Purpose

Researchers like Elizabeth Kubler-Ross tell us that people who have a “near death experience” often describe seeing their whole life flash before their eyes. They realize that they had been chasing all the wrong dreams. Later, they stop pursuing money and fame and find that making the greatest contribution is the reward they were looking […]

Deep Listening

There are many dimensions to listening. One is just like the sky: to be still and receive. Simply listening to someone sharing challenges and issues may in itself be the solution that is required. Particularly for a woman, when she feels heard, it produces oxytocin—which lowers stress—and then she discovers that she has the power […]

Communication in the Bedroom

We have learned that the most important gift a woman can give to a man is to communicate her needs: to find ways to tell him honestly when she wants to have sex, when she wants to be sensuous and cuddle, and when she wants to be left alone. Men have a difficult time imagining […]

A Few Minutes Alone Can Make All the Difference

Modern man today does not have the opportunity to come home from hunting and then sit and stare at a fire. The hundred thousand demands of work are followed by the hundred thousand demands of home. His nervous system has not rewired itself quickly enough to catch up with the dramatic change of lifestyle. He […]

Love is a Practice

If you are a man who-like us-chooses monogamy, the most important key is a level of honesty that is so moment to moment and so detail oriented that things never build up and become a big deal. Arjuna says: I tell my wife about small attractions that I feel throughout my day. Even if I […]